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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week: Mahmoud Ali's Journey at Alliance

This National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with Mahmoud Ali, an apprentice at Property Alliance Group, and Alex Russell, our CEO.

Alex Russell shared his thoughts on Mahmoud's journey: “I believe that Mahmoud is the perfect example of how apprenticeships can work very well. From the first time I met him, he showed a willingness to learn and grow, which made him stand out, and these qualities have engaged the whole team here to want to work with him and maximise the experiences and knowledge that we can offer him. I take significant pride in seeing his skills develop and his confidence build, and we are excited for what his future here at Alliance brings.”

Mahmoud's entry into the property development world was facilitated by the Regeneration Brainery Group, which connects students at various educational levels with professionals in the industry.

Mahmoud shares, “Originally, I joined Regeneration Brainery Group, which works with students all the way from high school to uni. They ran a programme offering opportunities for students to speak with property developers and meet key figures in the industry, to learn more about property and starting a career. As part of the programme, I was tasked with developing a site into a residential or commercial development, which I really enjoyed.”

His journey progressed after gaining work experience with two property developers, including Alliance. “I spent some time doing work experience with two property developers, one of which was Alliance. I particularly enjoyed my time there. Everyone at Alliance was so friendly and welcoming, and I got to spend time with many different people across various areas of the business.”

This engagement led to an apprenticeship with Alliance, marking the beginning of his in-depth exploration of the property sector. Now, 18 months in, Mahmoud balances his practical experience with his studies. “I spend time gaining valuable experience at Alliance, which I fit around my studies. Each day, I track the experiences I have, from meetings or discussions with staff to recording anything that might be interesting or useful for my learning and development.”

Mahmoud's work spans several key areas of the business, providing a diverse and enriching learning experience. “I work across many different aspects of the business — from quantity surveying and the Development Team to marketing, technical information, and project management. No two days are ever the same!”

The supportive culture at Alliance has significantly contributed to Mahmoud's positive experience. “Working at Alliance is great because the team is so friendly and helpful. Everyone takes time to help me understand the business more.”

He also takes advantage of the learning opportunities presented by his formal education. “I fit all this around my formal learning, which includes a wide range of topics and tasks. My work with Alliance is benchmarked against various KSBs (Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours) I need to meet when I’m on site or in the office.”

Mahmoud's advice to those considering an apprenticeship is clear. “Being an apprentice with Alliance has been a fantastic experience, giving me a brilliant view of the property industry. If anyone is considering an apprenticeship, I’d really recommend it as it will build a very bright future for yourself.”

Mahmoud’s story is a fantastic example of how apprenticeships can pave the way for a successful career, offering hands-on experience, learning, and personal growth within the supportive framework of Property Alliance Group.